Sunday, January 14, 2007


Thanks for taking the time to check my BLOG please leave a posting on any of the bands you wish - it will give me an idea of how many people are visiting. Check out your favourites - write a posting and I will publish it unmoderated!


Anonymous said...

Great site! Any chance that you can profile legendary Cape Town band The Streaks, headed by Josh Hawks (now with Freshlyground), Cameron Bruce and Ash Someone-or-other? Perhaps you could also let me know if it is still possible to buy their music?

Ian MacFarlane said...

Thanks for your posting - I am currently working on a BLOG for South African Solo acts - as soon as I am finished I plan a BLOG relating to bands from 1990 to the present and will definately include The Streaks. Josh Hawks (who as you correctly said is with Freshly Ground) also played with a band called ZAP DRAGONS that included the legendary Tim Parr (of Ella Mental fame). I am not sure if their music is still available. Please post your email address and we'll investigate!

Liezel said...

Hi Ian, any chance of adding more info to this blog in the future?


Ian MacFarlane said...

Hi Liezel;
Info is hard to come by. I have posted it as it comes in. FACEBOOK has provided a better BLOG platform - I have started a Facebook page with contact details for a lot of SA artists. The great thing about the information age is that you can interact immediately and get the info you want directly from the source - check out the page at: