Sunday, January 7, 2007



MEMBERS: Wendy Oldfield (vocals), John Mair (guitars & keyboards), Dieter Stutz (bass guitar & keyboards) & Lesley Cook (drums). Other incantations featured: Michelle Bestbier (vocals), Kelly Hunter (vocals), Tanya Malherbe (vocals), & Ayala Katz (vocals).

DATES: 1981 To 1988

DISCOGRAPHY: PARTNERS IN CRIME (1983) Demo cassette, CATCH THAT SWEATY FEELING (1984) Demo cassette, NO SWEAT (1986) PVB (catalogue number PVBL 1001) re-released by Retrofresh as LANK SWEAT (2002) (catalogue number Freshcd130) - still available!
SINGLES TO REMEMBER: This Boy, Tonite & Shape Of Her Body

(In memorium of John Mair who passed away November 2002)

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Anonymous said...

Nostalgia of note !

What a great band !

I remember those hot summer Saturday afternoons at the Brass Bell in the eighties. Rocking music, cold beer and cool water in the tidal pool. I remember thinking that one day I would love to be standing on that stage....and I did 10 Years later....but.......I'm still in love with Wendy Oldfield......sorry.......flashback. Gary