Saturday, January 6, 2007


GENRE: Goth-rock

MEMBERS: Rob McLennan (vocals), Dave de Vetta (bass guitar), Ian Wiggins (guitar) &
Annette McLennan (drums).

DATES: 1986 to the late 1990's?

DISCOGRAPHY: ONE CAME RUNNING (1987) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), INTO THE VALLEY (1989) Principal Records (catalogue number HARRY 1), FIFTEEN SECONDS (1991) Clear Cut (catalogue number unavailable), FLY BY NIGHT - Compilation (1999) EMI Records (catalogue number CDEMCJ(WI)5766 & THE PRESENT HAS PASSED - THE BEST OF NO FRIENDS OF HARRY (2003) Retrofresh (catalogue number Freshcd129) - still available!

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Competition Rules & Paint It Black


Anonymous said...

NFOH were truly the pioneers of post 1980 "international-style" rock 'n rolling in South Africa... and to have created as big a name for themselves as they did working within the marginal genre of goth/alternative rock is astounding. It's testimony to either their musical prowess or the hunger of South African music-lovers to have access to something local with an international flair. Probably a healthy measure of both. Either way they were talented enough to sound original and honest enough to leave an indelible mark on the face of South African rock music.
May they never be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I saw No Friends of Harry at 'The Junction'(Johannesburg)numerous times and once at 'Barnacles' (Port Alfred, Eastern Cape).

The lead guitarist and the lead singer of No Friends of Harry were absolutely full of it. They thought their shit didn't stink.

No Friends Of Harry were and are shite and worthy of their 124 fans on Facebook.