Sunday, January 7, 2007


GENRE: Alternative rock

MEMBERS: Nielen Marais (vocals & percussion), Allan Faull (guitar, keyboards & vocals), Pat Humphreys (drums) & featuring Tully McCully (bass, keyboards, treatments, programming, drums & backing vocals ).

DATES: 1978 To 1996

DISCOGRAPHY: ZEN BOULDERS (1979) WEA Records (catalogue number WBC 9011),
THE STORMING OF THE LOFT (1980) WEA Records (catalogue number WBC 9013),
FANTASY KID (1981) WEA Records (catalogue number WBC 9021), JOHNNY CALLS THE CHEMIST (1986) WEA Records (catalogue number WBC 9029), SHATTERED (compilation LP) (1989) Tusk (catalogue number TUSB 3008), SHATTERED (CD re-issue with 3 bonus tracks) (1992) Tusk (catalogue number TUCD 3008), HAMMERHEAD MOTEL unreleased album recorded November 1996, JOHNNY CALLS THE CHEMIST (CD re-issue with bonus tracks) (May 2001) RetroFresh (catalogue number freshcd 112) - still available! & STZEN BOULDER / THE STORMING OF THE LOFT
(2 for 1 CD re-issue) (August 2002) RetroFresh (catalogue number freshcd124) - still available!

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Johnny Calls The Chemist

Had a No.1 hit on 5FM with Johnny Calls The Chemist


Ian MacFarlane said...

Johnny Call The Chemist is certainly a dark & haunty song. Anyone know the true intepretation of the lyrics?

Anonymous said...

How this song was never an International Hit ,I have no idea,it took me years to find a copy(Napster!)as I am Us based now.
This was very much and equally as great as DAvid and David,Welcome to the Boomtown.
Killer site by the way

Anonymous said...

The song Johnny calls the chemist and indeed the entire same titled album is loosely based around singer Neilen Mirror`s real life obsession with a girl who worked in Wynberg Pharmacy,Cape Town in the mid 80` Stephen Segerman`s incredible liner notes on the story at the Fresh Music website (click the liner notes button in the Retro section)

Anonymous said...

If you want to see the video for Johnny Call The Chemist,click the link to myspace and scroll down ,it is posted there

Unknown said...

I know Allan Faull, hes my mothers boyfriend and hes watched me grow up... Neilen and Allan are busy trying to record another C.D... Fantastic!