Friday, January 5, 2007



MEMBERS: Robin Auld (guitars, vocals & keyboards), Robert Hack (bass guitar), Michael Bush (drums), Murray Anderson (keyboards on 'Leave Your Light On' and 'Ego Airlines'),
Kevin Shirley (bass guitar on 'Going Down' and Linn Drum Programme on 'Cleaning up my Act'),
Brian Sepel (keyboards on 'Cleaning Up my Act'), Richard Pickett (drums on 'Violent Stairs' and 'Going Down') & Gary Horne (sax on 'Violent Stairs).

DATES: 1984 Through To PRESENT (solo)

DISCOGRAPHY: ROBIN AULD & Z-ASTAIRE (1985) Mountain Records (catalogue number unavailable) + solo albums - AT THE CORNER (1984) Mountain Records (catalogue number unavailable), OCEAN MOTION (1986) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), LIVE AT THE 3 ARTS (1986) label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), LOVE KILLS (1991) South African release Label unknown (catalogue number unavailable),ZEN SURFING IN THE 3RD WORLD (1993) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), LOVE KILLS (1995) German release Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), HEAVY WATER (1996) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), DREAM OF BIRDS (1998) UK-only Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), THE BEST OF ROBIN AULD VOL 1(1999) Label unknown (catalogue number unavailable), IRON IN THE SKY (November 2000) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable),
(March 2002) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable) & LUXURY (March 2003) Label unknown (catalogue number unavavilable).

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Baby You've Been Good To Me & All A Woman

Check out Robins excellent, well-kept website at or you can contact him directly at


Ian MacFarlane said...

At The Corner was one of my most favourite albums as a teenager - pity that the cassette stretched!

Anonymous said...

he lost the plot though. ego

Jane - East London said...

Really? He brought out plenty of good music after that (All a woman / Baby youve been good to me) and still continues to churn out the tunes! EGO - I wonder what you are on about and what you mean??????? Please explain .......