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GENRE: African crossover

MEMBERS: JULUKA - Johnny Clegg (guitar & vocals), Sipho Mchunu (guitar & vocals), Derrick "Bokkie" De Beer (drums), Gary Van Zyl (bass guitar), Scorpio Madondo (sax & flute), Cyril Nkosi (keyboards) & Dudu Zulu (dancer & percussion). Previous encantations included Glenda Millar (keyboards). SAVUKA - Johnny Clegg (guitar & vocals), Derrick "Bokkie" De Beer (drums), Keith Hutchinson (keyboards & woodwinds), Steve Mavuso (bass guitar). JOHNNY CLEGG BAND - Johnny Clegg (guitar & vocals) Mandisa Dlanga (backing vocals), Andy Innes (guitar, mandolin and backing vocals), Barry Van Zyl (drums), Dan Shout (keyboards & sax), Mandlenkosi Zikalala (backing vocals & bass guitar) & Solly Letwaba (bass guitar & backing vocals).


DISCOGRAPHY: JULUKA - UNIVERSAL MEN (1979) (no catalogue details),
AFRICAN LITANY (1981) (no catalogue details), UBUHLE BEMVELO(1982) (no catalogue details), SCATTERLINGS - European release(1982) (no catalogue details), WORK FOR ALL (1983) (no catalogue details), THE INTERNATIONAL TRACKS(1984) (no catalogue details),
STAND YOUR GROUND (1984) (no catalogue details), MUSA UKUGILANDELA (1984) (no catalogue details), THE GOOD HOPE CONCERTS (1986) (no catalogue details), LE ROCK ZOULOU DE JOHNNY CLEGG & SIPHO MCHUNU (1988), THE SCATTERLINGS OF JULUKA (1991) (no catalogue details), THE COLOGNE ZULU FESTIVAL (1992) (no catalogue details), THE BEST OF JULUKA (1992) (no catalogue details), LIVE & RARITIES (1994) (no catalogue details), SCATTERLINGS (US version) (1996) (no catalogue details), A JOHNNY CLEGG & JULUKA COLLECTION (1996) (no catalogue details), CROCKODILE LOVE (1997) (no catalogue details),
JOHNNY CLEGG (solo) THIRD WORLD CHILD(1985), NEW WORLD SUVIVOR (2002) (no catalogue details) SAVUKA - THIRD WORLD CHILD (1987) (no catalogue details), SHADOWMAN (1988) (no catalogue details), CRUEL CRAZY BEAUTIFUL WORLD (1989) (no catalogue details), HEAT DUST & DREAMS (1993) (no catalogue details), IN MY AFRICAN DREAM (1994) (no catalogue details), THE VERY BEST OF JOHNNY CLEGG AND SAVUKA (1997) (no catalogue details), PREMIUM GOLD COLLECTION OF SAVUKA (1997) (no catalogue details), THE JOHNNY CLEGG ANTHROLOGY - JULUKA & SAVUKA (1999) (no catalogue details), THE BEST OF JULUKA/SAVUKA FEATURING JOHNNY CLEGG (1999) EMI Records (catalogue number CDVM (WL)).

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Impi, Scatterlings, December African Rain (in fact too many to mention)

Had a bigger audience in Paris than Michael Jackson had on the same night.
South Africa's greatest music export.

A good website with plenty of media (interviews and Mp3 samples) see it at: and also a french website
(In memorium of Dudu Zulu who was killed tragically in the pre-election violence in KZN and Solly Ledwaba who passed away in 2001)


GENRE: Rock/punk

MEMBERS: Mike Searle (guitar & vocals), Adrian Hamilton (keyboards), Sarah Pontin (saxophone), Paul Toomer (drums) & Graham Searle (bass guitar).

DATES: 1986 To ?

DISCOGRAPHY: HAVE BEANS WILL TRAVEL (1988) David Gresham Records (catalogue number DGR 1125).

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Monster From The Bog & King Of The West



MEMBERS: Wendy Oldfield (vocals), John Mair (guitars & keyboards), Dieter Stutz (bass guitar & keyboards) & Lesley Cook (drums). Other incantations featured: Michelle Bestbier (vocals), Kelly Hunter (vocals), Tanya Malherbe (vocals), & Ayala Katz (vocals).

DATES: 1981 To 1988

DISCOGRAPHY: PARTNERS IN CRIME (1983) Demo cassette, CATCH THAT SWEATY FEELING (1984) Demo cassette, NO SWEAT (1986) PVB (catalogue number PVBL 1001) re-released by Retrofresh as LANK SWEAT (2002) (catalogue number Freshcd130) - still available!
SINGLES TO REMEMBER: This Boy, Tonite & Shape Of Her Body

(In memorium of John Mair who passed away November 2002)


GENRE: Alternative rock

MEMBERS: Nielen Marais (vocals & percussion), Allan Faull (guitar, keyboards & vocals), Pat Humphreys (drums) & featuring Tully McCully (bass, keyboards, treatments, programming, drums & backing vocals ).

DATES: 1978 To 1996

DISCOGRAPHY: ZEN BOULDERS (1979) WEA Records (catalogue number WBC 9011),
THE STORMING OF THE LOFT (1980) WEA Records (catalogue number WBC 9013),
FANTASY KID (1981) WEA Records (catalogue number WBC 9021), JOHNNY CALLS THE CHEMIST (1986) WEA Records (catalogue number WBC 9029), SHATTERED (compilation LP) (1989) Tusk (catalogue number TUSB 3008), SHATTERED (CD re-issue with 3 bonus tracks) (1992) Tusk (catalogue number TUCD 3008), HAMMERHEAD MOTEL unreleased album recorded November 1996, JOHNNY CALLS THE CHEMIST (CD re-issue with bonus tracks) (May 2001) RetroFresh (catalogue number freshcd 112) - still available! & STZEN BOULDER / THE STORMING OF THE LOFT
(2 for 1 CD re-issue) (August 2002) RetroFresh (catalogue number freshcd124) - still available!

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Johnny Calls The Chemist

Had a No.1 hit on 5FM with Johnny Calls The Chemist


MEMBERS: Jarrod Aston (vocals), Mike Todd (guitars & keyboards) & Chris Frank (drums).
Previous members included: Alan Lazar keyboards), Lulu Van Der Walt (keyboards), Terry Meredith (guitars), Tony Geden (keyboards) & Nigel Geden (guitars).
DATES: 1987 To 1997
DISCOGRAPHY: CINEMA (1986) Label Unknown (catalogue details unavailable), SOMEWHERE IN TIME (1988) Decibel (catalogue number unavailable), WORLDS APART (1990) Emi Records (catalogue number unavailable), IN ANOTHER LIFE (1991) CSR (catalogue number unavailable), FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM (1993) CSR (catalogue number unavailable), ONCE IN YOUR LIFE (1995) CSR (catalogue number unavailable), NOW AND THEN (2006) Electromode (catalogue number unavailable) - available in record stores now!
SINGLES TO REMEMBER: My Kind Of Girl, Strangers Again & Nobody told me
12 No.1 songs
Check out Cinema's informative website at:
Jarrod runs a successful events company called Fluid media: or
you can contact him at:

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GENRE: Goth-rock

MEMBERS: Rob McLennan (vocals), Dave de Vetta (bass guitar), Ian Wiggins (guitar) &
Annette McLennan (drums).

DATES: 1986 to the late 1990's?

DISCOGRAPHY: ONE CAME RUNNING (1987) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), INTO THE VALLEY (1989) Principal Records (catalogue number HARRY 1), FIFTEEN SECONDS (1991) Clear Cut (catalogue number unavailable), FLY BY NIGHT - Compilation (1999) EMI Records (catalogue number CDEMCJ(WI)5766 & THE PRESENT HAS PASSED - THE BEST OF NO FRIENDS OF HARRY (2003) Retrofresh (catalogue number Freshcd129) - still available!

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Competition Rules & Paint It Black



MEMBERS: Glenda Hyam (vocals & keyboards 1977), Lee Tomlinson (bass guitar & vocals (1977-78), Ingrid "Ingi" Herbst (drums & vocals 1977-81), Cindy Alter (lead vocals & guitar 1977-81), Jenni Garson (guitar & vocals 1977-81), Ron "Bones" Brettell (keyboards 1978-81), Sandy Robbie (guitar 1978-81) & Gary van Zyl: bass (1980-81).

DATES: 1977 to 1981

DISCOGRAPHY: SUBSTITUTE (1978), Carrere Records (catalogue number EMC3279), SIX OF THE BEST (1979) Sunshine Records (catalogue number GBL (D) 511), THREAT AND PROMISE (1980) Label Unknown (catalogue details unavailable), 1977 TO 1981 (1981) Sunshine Records(distributed by EMI under catalogue number CEY (M) 255 ), SUBSTITUTE (1992) BR Music (Dutch compilation) (catalogue details unavailable) & 20 GREATEST HITS (1992) Gallo Records (catalogue number CDCLOUT 1).


Sold 7 million records worldwide / Had a No.1 chart hit in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, Belgium & Holland. Had a No.2 chart hit in Great Britian. Had a No.67 chart entry in the United States.

You can email Cindy Alter at

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MEMBERS: Derrick Drain (vocals 1974-77, 1980-82), Attie van Wyk (keyboards 1974-82),
Mick Matthews (guitars & vocals 1974-80), Fergie Ferguson (bass guitar & vocals 1974 onwards), Cedric Samson (drums 1974-75), Shane Mahoney (drums 1975-80),
Paul de Villiers (vocals 1977-80), Ralph Martin (guitar 1980-87), Franco del Mei (drums 1980-87),
Stewart Irving (vocals 1982-91), Deon du Plessis (keyboards 1982-86) & Ashley Brokenshi (guitar & vocals 1989).
DATES: 1974 Through To Present
DISCOGRAPHY: BALLYHOO (1976) - Satbel Records (catalogue number Bell 23020), STANDING ROOM ONLY (1977) - Polydor Records (catalogue number 2398 013), MOMAN ON THE MOON (1981) - Trutone Records (catalogue number POLY 5526), BALLYHOO TOO (1982) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable) & ALIVE (1989) - David Gresham Records (catalogue number DGR 1141).


On 18th October 1980 had a No.1 hit on Springbok Radio with Man On The Moon and remained on the charts for 19 weeks.



MEMBERS: Robin Auld (guitars, vocals & keyboards), Robert Hack (bass guitar), Michael Bush (drums), Murray Anderson (keyboards on 'Leave Your Light On' and 'Ego Airlines'),
Kevin Shirley (bass guitar on 'Going Down' and Linn Drum Programme on 'Cleaning up my Act'),
Brian Sepel (keyboards on 'Cleaning Up my Act'), Richard Pickett (drums on 'Violent Stairs' and 'Going Down') & Gary Horne (sax on 'Violent Stairs).

DATES: 1984 Through To PRESENT (solo)

DISCOGRAPHY: ROBIN AULD & Z-ASTAIRE (1985) Mountain Records (catalogue number unavailable) + solo albums - AT THE CORNER (1984) Mountain Records (catalogue number unavailable), OCEAN MOTION (1986) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), LIVE AT THE 3 ARTS (1986) label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), LOVE KILLS (1991) South African release Label unknown (catalogue number unavailable),ZEN SURFING IN THE 3RD WORLD (1993) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), LOVE KILLS (1995) German release Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), HEAVY WATER (1996) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), DREAM OF BIRDS (1998) UK-only Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), THE BEST OF ROBIN AULD VOL 1(1999) Label unknown (catalogue number unavailable), IRON IN THE SKY (November 2000) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable),
(March 2002) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable) & LUXURY (March 2003) Label unknown (catalogue number unavavilable).

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Baby You've Been Good To Me & All A Woman

Check out Robins excellent, well-kept website at or you can contact him directly at



MEMBERS: Robbi Robb (vocals & guitars), Fuzzy Marcus (bass guitar 1985), Neils Jensen (keyboards 1985), Bruce Williams (drums 1985), Robby Whitelaw (bass guitar 1991),
P.K.(drums 1991), Barry C Schneider (techno primal drums 1991), Chris Frazier (drums 1993),
Eric Ryan (guitars, nord & backing vocals 2002), Mike Hansen (drums, percussion & backing vocals 2002), Mark Fuller (drums & percussion exotica 2002), Patric Oliver (African percussion & backing vocals 2002), Stu Grant (drums & samples 2002), Joey Vera (bass guitar 2002),
Billy Tsounis (guitar 2002) & Craig Else (guitar 2002).

DATES: 1985 to PRESENT (yes - busy recording yet another album)

DISCOGRAPHY: POWER (1985) EMI Records (catalogue number EMCJ 4115931) re-released by Retrofresh (catalogue number Freshcd140) - still available!, TRIBE AFTER TRIBE (1991) Atlantic Records (catalogue number unavailable), LOVE UNDER WILL (1993) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable), PEARLS BEFORE SWINE (1997) Label Unknown (catalogue number unavailable) & ENCHANTED ENTRANCE (2002) Dreamcatcher Records (catalogue number unavailable).

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: As I Went Out One Morning (Damsel)

Check out Robbi Robbs website at or you can keep up with his blog at

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GENRE: Hard rock/new wave

MEMBERS: Brian Armstrong AKA Brian Wylde (vocals, guitar), Mike Adams AKA Animal (rhythm guitar, keyboards 1981 to 1988), Terry Armstrong AKA Terry Tornado/Terry Blitzkrieg/Terry Apocalypse (bass & vocals), Alan Armstrong (drums - replaced Blister) & Blister (drums - left in 1980).

DATES: 1980 through to 1989

DISCOGRAPHY: THE LAST LAUGH (1983) David Gresham Productions (catalogue number NGC 1052), FATHOMS OF FIRE (1985) Rampant Records (catalogue number DDT100) distributed by Gallo, Barriers (1989) Teal Trutone (no catalogue details) & BEST KEPT SECRETS 1981-1989 (2001) Retrofresh Records (catalogue number freshcd115) -still available!

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Secrets, Whiteflag, Waiting (For A Miracle) & Young Days.



MEMBERS: Heather Mac (lead vocals), Tim Parr (guitar & vocals), Adrian Levi (bass guitar), Herman Eugster (drums)


DISCOGRAPHY: UNCOMPLICATED DREAMS (1984) EMI Records (catalogue number EMCJ(E) 4115921) re-issued by Retrofresh records (2002) (catalogue number freshcd127) - still available! ELLA MENTAL (1989) Warner Bros (US) & Wea International (catalogue number 925 882-1)

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: See Yourself (Clowns), Pressure & Magic Mother


GENRE: Romantic New Wave

MEMBERS: Jonathan Selby (lead vocals), Sheldon Thomas (keyboards), Johan Griessel (bass guitar), Craig Else (guitars) & Danny De Wet (drums).

DATES: 1985 to around 1987

DISCOGRAPHY: THE VOICE OF REASON (1985) - WEA International (catalogue number WIC 8024), THE PERFECT GIFT (1986) - WEA International (catalogue number WIH 7033), YOUNG LIONS (1995)Tusk Records (catalogue number WOND 127) & ONCE IN A LIFETIME (2006) - Comprises of both the bands albums released by Retrofresh Records (catalogue number Freshcd157) - still available!

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Once In A Lifetime, Dreams Come True, Love Is Knocking At Your Door & The Voice Of Reason.

The only member who evolved from Petit Cheval was Danny DeWet who went on to found The Electric Petals, The Louwveld Blues Band and currently plays with Wonderboom. You can get Danny on: Jonathan Selby has relocated to Israel. You can listen and buy his tracks at: There are some great pictures of John in Israel so check it out (he hasnt changed much except for the moustache). In 2002 Craig Else played with Robbi Robb in Tribe After Tribe in the USA. I recently got an email from Craig. Contary to the liner notes of a recent Petit Cheval compilation, he has not fallen off the edge of the earth but lives in Los Angeles, California. His email address is:


GENRE: Afro-pop

MEMBERS: Erik Windrich (keyboards & vocals), Lucien Windrich (guitar & vocals), Wayne Harker (drums 1983), Danny DeWet (drums 1977 - 1982), Terry Andalis (bass guitar 1977 - 1982), José "Aggi" D'Aguiar (vocals 1977 - 1982) & George Voros (percussion 1977-1983).

DATES: 1977 through to 1986

DISCOGRAPHY: EVOID (debut 1983) WEA International (catalogue number WIC 8012) - re-released by Retrofresh Records on CD (catalogue number freshcd 106) - still available! HERE COMES THE ROT (1986) WEA International (catalogue number WIC 8027) - re-released by Retrofresh Records on CD (catalogue number freshcd 117) - still available! EVOID "SHOES" cassette - rare recording circa 1993.

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Shadows, Taximan, Junk Jive, Sgnt Major & Dance The instinct.


Both Windrich brothers emigrated to the UK during the mid 80's. Erik is still involved musically - as a session musician (he plays more than 9 instruments - mostly exotic) and runs his own record lable called TANTRUM RECORDS. He has released several solo offerings which can be purchased from his website. Erik can be reached at: and check out his very good website at:
Wonderbooms Danny DeWet has given a conclusive history of eVoid (including the arrest of Wayne Harker for avoiding military service in apartheids SADF) under postings. Danny also mentioned that Lucien Windrich came to SA last Sept (2006) to produce the latest Wonderboom album "City Of Gold" and played a few shows with Wonderboom. You can check out drummer George Voros website at: He seems to be into quite a bit these days with drumming instruction and motivation speaking so check it out!



MEMBERS: Kevin Van Staden (lead vocals), Sean Schulze (keyboards), Geoff Wybrow (drums), Gary Turner (guitar) & Lars Lofstrand (bass guitar).

DATES: 1989 through to 1991

DISCOGRAPHY: THIS DAY (1989) - Umkhonto Records (catalogue number CELT1), GREED (1990) - RPM Records (catalogue number RPM1272) & SLOW RAIN - THE COMPLETE CELTIC RUMOUS (2003) - RetroFresh Records (catalogue number freshcd136) - still available!

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Slow Rain, Happily Ever After & Wish.
(In Memorium of Kevin Van Staden who passed away tragically in a car accident in the early 1990's)

ZIA (Cindy Alter Band)

GENRE: Afro-pop

MEMBERS: Cindy Alter (lead vocals), Andre Fourie (guitars & vocals), Patrick Van Rensburg (drums & vocals), Reg Edwards (bass guitar & vocals), Liz Mngomezulu (vocals & dancer), Lawrence Mhkize (dancer) & Abe Sibiya (keyboards & vocals).

DATES: 1985 (Cindy Alter Band) 1986 through to around 1989 Zia

DISCOGRAPHY: ZIA (1986) Label unknown (catalogue details unavailable), KANT'UNJANI (1987) Label unknown (catalogue details unavailable), FRONTLINE (1988) Label unknown (catalogue details unavailable) & another release (1989)(catalogue details unavailable).

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Nobody Loves You Like I do (available on a Retrofresh complilation entitled ASTRAL DAZE (catalogue number Freshcd 148) - still available!


(In memorium of Andre Fourie who passed away March 2000)



MEMBERS: Bernard Binns (lead vocals & guitar), Nick Matzukis (drums), John Mason (keyboards), Paul Hughes (guitars) & Alistair Broadhead (bass guitar).

DATES: 1980 through to around 1984

DISCOGRAPHY: LOVE ATTACKS (1985) - WEA International (catalogue number WIC 8021), IN THE FLESH (1987) - Gallo Records (catalogue number SLMS709), THE BEST OF THE HELICOPTERS (2002) - Retrofresh Records (catalogue number Freshcd128) - still available!

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Mysteries & Jealousies, Whisper Your Secret.

Check out Bernard Binns webpage at which includes Bernards Blog.



MEMBERS: Rene Veldsman (lead vocals & bass guitar), Lukas Crous - AKA Luislang (vocals & keyboards) & Kitty Cooper AKA Spider Wider (vocals & percussion) & Michelle Rowe (dancer & percussion).


DISCOGRAPHY: VIA AFRIKA (1984)- RPM Records (catalogue number unavailable), SCENT OF SCANDAL (1985) - RPM Records (catalogue number unavailable) -still available on CD on re-release by Retrofresh (catalogue number Freshcd156), VIA AFRIKA CD - re-released by Retrofresh (catalogue number Freshcd 107)-still available!


You can contact Rene on:

(In memorium Lukas Crous - passed on 2002)


GENRE: African Crossover

MEMBERS: Penelope Jane Dunlop AKA PJ Powers (vocals), Alistair Coakley (lead guitar),
George van Dyk (bass guitar), Patrick van Rensburg (drums), Geoff Sedgwick (keyboards),
Ron "Bones" Brettell (keyboards), Eric Mann (drums), Larry Rose (drums), Guido Maibaum (bass guitar) & Sheldon Thomas (keyboards).

DATES: 1980 through to 1987

DISCOGRAPHY: BURNOUT (1981) MFM Records (catalogue number ML456),
HELP (1982) MFM Records (catalogue number ML4654), MUSIC FOR AFICA (1983) MFM Records (catalogue number FML 1001), JABULANI (1984) MFM Records (catalogue number FML 1003), WOZANI (1985) MFM Records (catalogue number FML 1007), CURRENT (1986) MFM Records (catalogue number FML 1010), JIVE(1987) MFM Records (catalogue number FML1015), THE BEST OF PJ POWERS & HOTLINE - 16 GREATEST HITS (1991) MFM Records (catalogue number PJCD3000) - still available!

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Jabulani, Feel So Strong (with Steve Kekana) & Music For Africa (with Margaret Singana)

Alistair Croakley's son Andrew maintains his website: Alistair not only played guitar for Hotline but also produced some of their finest work and his studio continues to churn out hits and some of the finest jingles (Vodacom's Sieze The Moment).

Andrew contributed this:
My Dad is still very much in the music business. He is also still a great guitarist (in my opinion at least). He has run his own studio for many years now and trades under the name Hitman Music. He does a lot of work for the advertising industry and also produces and collaborates on various albums. After Hotline, he played with Stimela, Vinny and the Viscounts, The Rock Rebels and most recently plays with The Vipers. This is not a complete list though - it is all that I can remember. He's so busy that I can't even keep track of his work. He plays in the Strictly Come Dancing band every year, so you can see him on the reruns (front right) - this is one of his fun gigs. He was also involved in the Starfish Foundation album and the Spirit of the Great Heart remake. You can see/hear some of his jingles at the Hitman Music site.

Penny (PJ) is still also very active in music. There's a lot of info available about her on Google (I checked a while back) as she still has such a high profile in the S.A. music business. She's the ambassador for many charity organisations. Unfortunately, I missed an opportunity to see her last December when she was down in Durban visiting her family.

George (van Dyk) emigrated with his family to England and then to the U.S.A., where he lives now. I have no idea what he does for a living now - but I understand that he is still involved in music in some way or another.

Bones (Bretell) is also still active in music in S.A. He also has his own music production business - Mathambo Music, if I recall correctly. So he also does production, jingles, corporate music, etc.

Patrick (van Resburg) is apparently a game ranger in Northern KZN (!). Quite a change from the music business.

Useless info - There was a reunion of the Hotline members a few weeks ago in Johannesburg - for the first time in many years.


GENRE: Rock vs mbanqanga

MEMBERS: Robin Levetan (lead vocals - first album), Ian Cohen (vocals & bass guitar), Peter Cohen (vocals & drums), Dan Heymann (drums) & Tom Fox (guitars & vocals).

DATES: 1984 through 2001

DISCOGRAPHY: BRIGHT BLUE (1984 debut) - Jivewire records (catalogue number poly5639), THE RISING TIDE (1988) - EMI Records (catalogue number EMCJ (L) 4063771 ) & EVERY NOW AND THEN - THE BEST SO FAR 1984 to 2001 - Universal Records (catalogue number CDSRBL286 (146))2001 - still available!

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Weeping, Window Of The World, 2nd Avenue


GENRE: Pop/swing
MEMBERS: Jervis Pennington (lead vocals), Thinus AKA Tommy Maree (lead vocals), Roy Bramwell (vocals) & Darren Magnussen (vocals).
DISCOGRAPHY: SOLED OUT - RPM Records (catalogue number unavailable), ITCHY FEET- (1984) RPM Records (CCRPM1204) & THE SOFT SHOES CHRISTMAS - RPM Records (catalogue number unavailable).
SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Elvis Estaire - King Of the Swing
Jervis Pennington has become a playright who penned quite a few productions.


MEMBERS: Russel Stirling (lead guitar) & Michael Tellinger (lead vocals & guitar)
SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Call Me & Whats A Nice Girl Like You Doing In A Place Like This?
Michael has written a highly acclaimed book entitled, "Slave Species Of God". Check out his stunning website and get more info on his book at: or you can email Michael at: "Slave Species Of God" is available from any good bookstore or from and (local site).


GENRE: Romantic New Wave
MEMBERS: Keith MacFarlane (guitar & vocals), Simon LeFerve (keyboards & vocals), Jarrod Aston (drums), John LeFevre (keyboards) & Simon Fellows (bass guitar).
DISCOGARPHY: FACE TO FACE (1984 debut) - RPM Records (catalogue number CCRPM1200), Recorded an untitled album that was never released (featured the single Too Young).
SINGLES WORTH REMEMBERING: Here We Are Now & Night Of The Long Knives.
Keith is a widely respected alternative healer (only qualified certified Lymphologist in SA) and teacher. He has written numerous books and writes a monthly health column in The Citizen Newspaper. You can reach Keith at: or .
Jarod went on to front internationally acclaimed band Cinema who had a no.1 hit in Japan. He currently runs a successful events company called Fluid Media. You can reach Jarrod at: