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Sunday, January 14, 2007


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Sunday, January 7, 2007


GENRE: African crossover

MEMBERS: JULUKA - Johnny Clegg (guitar & vocals), Sipho Mchunu (guitar & vocals), Derrick "Bokkie" De Beer (drums), Gary Van Zyl (bass guitar), Scorpio Madondo (sax & flute), Cyril Nkosi (keyboards) & Dudu Zulu (dancer & percussion). Previous encantations included Glenda Millar (keyboards). SAVUKA - Johnny Clegg (guitar & vocals), Derrick "Bokkie" De Beer (drums), Keith Hutchinson (keyboards & woodwinds), Steve Mavuso (bass guitar). JOHNNY CLEGG BAND - Johnny Clegg (guitar & vocals) Mandisa Dlanga (backing vocals), Andy Innes (guitar, mandolin and backing vocals), Barry Van Zyl (drums), Dan Shout (keyboards & sax), Mandlenkosi Zikalala (backing vocals & bass guitar) & Solly Letwaba (bass guitar & backing vocals).


DISCOGRAPHY: JULUKA - UNIVERSAL MEN (1979) (no catalogue details),
AFRICAN LITANY (1981) (no catalogue details), UBUHLE BEMVELO(1982) (no catalogue details), SCATTERLINGS - European release(1982) (no catalogue details), WORK FOR ALL (1983) (no catalogue details), THE INTERNATIONAL TRACKS(1984) (no catalogue details),
STAND YOUR GROUND (1984) (no catalogue details), MUSA UKUGILANDELA (1984) (no catalogue details), THE GOOD HOPE CONCERTS (1986) (no catalogue details), LE ROCK ZOULOU DE JOHNNY CLEGG & SIPHO MCHUNU (1988), THE SCATTERLINGS OF JULUKA (1991) (no catalogue details), THE COLOGNE ZULU FESTIVAL (1992) (no catalogue details), THE BEST OF JULUKA (1992) (no catalogue details), LIVE & RARITIES (1994) (no catalogue details), SCATTERLINGS (US version) (1996) (no catalogue details), A JOHNNY CLEGG & JULUKA COLLECTION (1996) (no catalogue details), CROCKODILE LOVE (1997) (no catalogue details),
JOHNNY CLEGG (solo) THIRD WORLD CHILD(1985), NEW WORLD SUVIVOR (2002) (no catalogue details) SAVUKA - THIRD WORLD CHILD (1987) (no catalogue details), SHADOWMAN (1988) (no catalogue details), CRUEL CRAZY BEAUTIFUL WORLD (1989) (no catalogue details), HEAT DUST & DREAMS (1993) (no catalogue details), IN MY AFRICAN DREAM (1994) (no catalogue details), THE VERY BEST OF JOHNNY CLEGG AND SAVUKA (1997) (no catalogue details), PREMIUM GOLD COLLECTION OF SAVUKA (1997) (no catalogue details), THE JOHNNY CLEGG ANTHROLOGY - JULUKA & SAVUKA (1999) (no catalogue details), THE BEST OF JULUKA/SAVUKA FEATURING JOHNNY CLEGG (1999) EMI Records (catalogue number CDVM (WL)).

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Impi, Scatterlings, December African Rain (in fact too many to mention)

Had a bigger audience in Paris than Michael Jackson had on the same night.
South Africa's greatest music export.

A good website with plenty of media (interviews and Mp3 samples) see it at: and also a french website
(In memorium of Dudu Zulu who was killed tragically in the pre-election violence in KZN and Solly Ledwaba who passed away in 2001)


GENRE: Rock/punk

MEMBERS: Mike Searle (guitar & vocals), Adrian Hamilton (keyboards), Sarah Pontin (saxophone), Paul Toomer (drums) & Graham Searle (bass guitar).

DATES: 1986 To ?

DISCOGRAPHY: HAVE BEANS WILL TRAVEL (1988) David Gresham Records (catalogue number DGR 1125).

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Monster From The Bog & King Of The West



MEMBERS: Wendy Oldfield (vocals), John Mair (guitars & keyboards), Dieter Stutz (bass guitar & keyboards) & Lesley Cook (drums). Other incantations featured: Michelle Bestbier (vocals), Kelly Hunter (vocals), Tanya Malherbe (vocals), & Ayala Katz (vocals).

DATES: 1981 To 1988

DISCOGRAPHY: PARTNERS IN CRIME (1983) Demo cassette, CATCH THAT SWEATY FEELING (1984) Demo cassette, NO SWEAT (1986) PVB (catalogue number PVBL 1001) re-released by Retrofresh as LANK SWEAT (2002) (catalogue number Freshcd130) - still available!
SINGLES TO REMEMBER: This Boy, Tonite & Shape Of Her Body

(In memorium of John Mair who passed away November 2002)


GENRE: Alternative rock

MEMBERS: Nielen Marais (vocals & percussion), Allan Faull (guitar, keyboards & vocals), Pat Humphreys (drums) & featuring Tully McCully (bass, keyboards, treatments, programming, drums & backing vocals ).

DATES: 1978 To 1996

DISCOGRAPHY: ZEN BOULDERS (1979) WEA Records (catalogue number WBC 9011),
THE STORMING OF THE LOFT (1980) WEA Records (catalogue number WBC 9013),
FANTASY KID (1981) WEA Records (catalogue number WBC 9021), JOHNNY CALLS THE CHEMIST (1986) WEA Records (catalogue number WBC 9029), SHATTERED (compilation LP) (1989) Tusk (catalogue number TUSB 3008), SHATTERED (CD re-issue with 3 bonus tracks) (1992) Tusk (catalogue number TUCD 3008), HAMMERHEAD MOTEL unreleased album recorded November 1996, JOHNNY CALLS THE CHEMIST (CD re-issue with bonus tracks) (May 2001) RetroFresh (catalogue number freshcd 112) - still available! & STZEN BOULDER / THE STORMING OF THE LOFT
(2 for 1 CD re-issue) (August 2002) RetroFresh (catalogue number freshcd124) - still available!

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Johnny Calls The Chemist

Had a No.1 hit on 5FM with Johnny Calls The Chemist


MEMBERS: Jarrod Aston (vocals), Mike Todd (guitars & keyboards) & Chris Frank (drums).
Previous members included: Alan Lazar keyboards), Lulu Van Der Walt (keyboards), Terry Meredith (guitars), Tony Geden (keyboards) & Nigel Geden (guitars).
DATES: 1987 To 1997
DISCOGRAPHY: CINEMA (1986) Label Unknown (catalogue details unavailable), SOMEWHERE IN TIME (1988) Decibel (catalogue number unavailable), WORLDS APART (1990) Emi Records (catalogue number unavailable), IN ANOTHER LIFE (1991) CSR (catalogue number unavailable), FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM (1993) CSR (catalogue number unavailable), ONCE IN YOUR LIFE (1995) CSR (catalogue number unavailable), NOW AND THEN (2006) Electromode (catalogue number unavailable) - available in record stores now!
SINGLES TO REMEMBER: My Kind Of Girl, Strangers Again & Nobody told me
12 No.1 songs
Check out Cinema's informative website at:
Jarrod runs a successful events company called Fluid media: or
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